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Ecological Society Aquaterra

Turdus viscivorus
Pyrrhula pyrrhula
Sitta europaea 3
Troglodytes troglodytes
Phasianus colchicus
Parus major 2
Passer hispaniolensis
Passer domesticus
Galerida cristata
Parus ater
Larus ridibundus
Fringilla montifringilla
Falco subbuteo
Dendrocopos mior
Dendrocopos syriacus
Dendrocopos major
Dendrocopos leucotus
Corvus frugilegus
Corvus monedula
Corvus corone sardonius
Coccothraustes coccothraustes
Accipiter brevipes
Certhia familiaris
Carduelis spinus
Carduelis carduelis
Aquila pomarina
Acanthis flammea
Sarasa Comet
Drosera obovata
Caras cometă
Dendrocopos syriacus
Turdus merula
Crocus longiflorus
Knautia macedonica
Parus coeruleus
Yellow Comet Goldfish
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Acanthis flammea

Who we are and what is our purpose

Promoting sustainability and biodiversity conservation through education, research and community engagement.

1. Conservation of biodiversity;
2. Protection and legal regulations, endangered species in configuration with the IUCN status;
3. Development of ecological volunteering programs for students of the Faculty of Sciences and Environment;
4. National and international involvement in various research and development projects;
5. Involvement in activities of the society-well being type, with respect to win-win perspectives.


Years of existence


Areas of interest





Areas of interest

Conservation of Rare Species of Plants and Endangered Animals

Youth Education and Development of Ecological Civic Spirit

Fundamental and Applied Scientific Research

Technological Transfer to Farmers in Mountainous Areas

Development of Agriculture in Mountainous Areas

Expansion of Reserves and NATURA 2000 Sites

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Current Project

Ecosystem Revitalization:
Transforming the Bucharest Botanical Garden into a Sustainable Biodiversity and Urban Education Hub

In the Bucharest Botanical Garden, we strive to create a sustainable development hub in the capital. Our aim is to develop a more effective strategy for conserving green areas and lakes in Bucharest and its suburban areas. We are active members of the coalition of NGOs supporting and advocating for legislation projects to establish the Green Belt of the capital, alongside the Vacaresti Natural Park Association and the Alex Gavan Foundation;

„Over the past years, we have specialized in environmental consulting and have accumulated significant experience in this field. We are honored to be accredited by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests for our environmental consulting services, and our work is recognized in the field. The work we have done since our establishment in 1996 until now has involved the practical implementation of biodiversity conservation strategies, contributing to protect the environment and promote sustainability.”

- Aquaterra Team -

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