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Ecological reconstruction of the three lakes and the saving of centuries-old trees in the Bucharest Botanical Garden

Project context

Bucharest is facing rapid urban growth and various climate changes, which are putting pressure on natural resources and environmental quality. In this context, the Botanical Garden becomes a focal point for the conservation of biodiversity and the promotion of a sustainable urban environment. At present, the Botanic Garden is facing some challenges related to maintaining an ecological balance in the perimeter of the lakes, as well as a degradation of the Historic Garden, where no development and maintenance investments have been made. Thus, considering the context of the project, synergies between biodiversity conservation and sustainable urban development will be achieved within the project. Through its contextual and integrated approach, the project addresses contemporary issues of the urban environment, providing a broad and sustainable vision for transforming the Bucharest Botanical Garden into a local and national focal point for recreation, environmental education and awareness.

What we want to achieve by implementing this project

1. Biodiversity restoration: Restoring aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems to increase local biodiversity and protect rare and endemic species.
2. Infrastructure rehabilitation: Modernization and expansion of the Historic Garden sector to facilitate access and comfort for visitors.
3. Education and awareness: Promoting environmental education and public awareness through educational activities and events.
4. Urban sustainability: Implementation of a sustainable resource management model, including the use of water filtration technologies and renewable energies.
5. Research and innovation: Development of a modern infrastructure to support applied research activities in ecology and species conservation.

The anticipated results of this project are:

1. Biodiversity restoration:
- Restoring the aquatic ecosystems in the Botanical Garden, contributing to the increase of local biodiversity.
- Increasing the population of plant and animal species specific to aquatic habitats, including the increase and diversification of endemic species.
2. Restoration of habitats:
- Protecting and restoring habitats for different species, favoring biodiversity and natural ecology.
3. Improving water quality:
- Reducing pollution and the negative impact on water quality, creating a favorable environment for aquatic plants and animals.
4. Increasing the degree of attractiveness of the Botanical Garden:
- Through the ecological reconstruction and redevelopment of the lakes, the Botanical Garden will become a more attractive place for visitors, offering a more picturesque and familiar setting.
- Setting up spaces dedicated to recreational activities around the lakes, which will significantly increase the number of visitors and the public's interest in the activities carried out within the Botanical Garden.
5. Awareness for the conservation of the environment and biodiversity:
- Raising awareness of the importance of environmental conservation among the community and promoting a sustainable model for similar projects in the future.
- Organizing workshops and seminars to provide opportunities for the community to understand the importance of environmental and ecosystem conservation, thus increasing awareness.

Sponsorship packages

Bronze package
(50.000 RON)

- Promotion and recognition: The company logo will be present on all project communication materials and at organized events;
- Impact reports;

- Visibility;

- Public recognition.

This package will allow to obtain a constant and continuous visibility throughout the duration of the project both in the mass media and at the level of the local communities in Bucharest, taking into account that the Botanical Garden is constantly visited by the general public and by all the schools and Bucharest high schools.

Silver package
(100.000 RON)

- All the benefits of the Bronze Package.
- Corporate events in the Botanical Garden;

- Access to events and workshops;

- Extended recognition and visibility.

This package is ideal for companies that want to gain extensive visibility and get actively involved in Aquaterra and Botanic Garden events and initiatives. Through the Silver Partnership, your company will be recognized for its commitment to environmental conservation and will benefit from numerous promotional and networking opportunities.

Gold package
(150.000 RON)

- All the benefits of the Silver Package.
- Exclusive access to events and tours in the Botanical Garden;

- Collaboration in educational projects;

- Access to networks of partners and experts.

This package is designed to provide significant visibility and opportunities for your company's direct involvement in the conservation and environmental education initiatives of the Botanic Garden and Aquaterra.

Platinum package
( 200.000 RON)

- All the benefits of the Gold Package.
- Main Partnership: Recognition as the main sponsor of the project;

- Extended and personalized visibility;

- Active engagement in the project;

- Corporate social responsibility projects.

This package is designed to give our partners a continuous positive image.

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