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In all the 30 years of continuous activity of our association, we have contributed daily to the training of expert zoologists, ecologists, young scientists who are a credit to us and our country. Today they work in the most prestigious institutions in Romania or in various universities and scientific research institutions in the European Union, USA, Canada, Australia, (national scientific research institutes - INCD, Institute of Environmental Engineering Bucharest, Institute of Biology of the Romanian Academy, Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History, Ovidius University of Constanta - Faculty of Biology.


We have presented our strategic education projects to the school inspectorate of the Municipality of Bucharest or to different schools in the country where our past members have become biology teachers in order to send to us the most passionate students who want to become passionate biology students, touched by the sacred fire for nature since early childhood, being convinced that this is what matters most in their education to become very passionate naturalists. Many times we have helped high school and college teachers and supported such noble projects to give a clear focus to the passion for biology and nature of young students. 

We try to instill a love for nature in schoolchildren and pre-schoolers, as well as in older generations and students, to educate them alternatively about the vulnerability of species and natural habitats and to open their ecological scientific horizons in order to make them aware of the value of Romania's wild natural heritage, represented, in senso stricto, by protected natural areas (scientific reserves, national parks, nature parks, landscape reserves, natura 2000 SCI sites - strictly protected ornitofaunistic reserves and SPA - Special Protected Areas).

S.E. Aquaterra has attracted financial resources from private companies in Romania, which have been usefully invested both in the development of the scientific research base in the courtyard of the Faculty of Biology of the University of Bucharest and in the realization of hundreds of scientific expeditions in the natural environment of Romania, for the training of young people as experts in the field of biodiversity sciences, conservation of species and habitats of nature 2000 and sustainable development. 

Thanks to our original way of putting problems, we managed to convince the national regulatory authorities (Romanian Academy - Commission of Natural Monuments, Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests) to declare the Valley of Vâlsanului Scientific Reserve, covering an area of 10,000 hectares, in order to save from extinction the asprey (Romanichthys valsanicola), one of the very rare species of fish that we have been constantly working for 32 years to save and keep alive. Since 2019, we are no longer alone in saving this species, having established a solid partnership with the Alex Găvan Foundation for the Rescue of the Asprey, as well as with other organizations working in the field of rare species conservation in Romania and abroad. 

In the last 16 years, only with the help of Romanian sponsors and with small self-financing from contracts for environmental services (being accredited by the Ministry of Environment since 1997 for carrying out Environmental Impact Assessments, SEA and interim environmental reports) we have already completed a significant part of the construction necessary for the creation of the first ichthyological and aquaculture research station for very rare species of wild ichthyofauna in Romania within the S.E. Aquaterra in Plutonița, Suceava County. This small resort could become very large, however, as it is the only one of its kind in Romania. We have already called it "Noah's Ark", because it is destined for the future, for tens and hundreds of years from now, for the reproduction of rare species of fish, feeding them with live food (100% of their diet in the resort) so that they can be destined for ecological reconstruction, through permanent ecological reconstruction actions, to repopulate with sustainable herds of very rare, endangered fishes of Romania's ichthyofauna, species of lostrids and hagfishes, sturgeons, and many other very rare endangered fish species.

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Revitalization of Botanical Garden

Micropilot Laboratory - Bucharest

Research Center - Bucovina

Reforestation Campain - Bucovina

Fluviarium - Bucharest

Research Projects


University of Bucharest

Eurofish International Organization

Sustainability Embassy in Romania

Natura 2000 Coalition

World Fish Migration

Fauna & Flora International

Alex Găvan Foundation


EU Prize

Animal Planet Prize

Ford Award

Photo gallery

Photos taken and edited by Victor Bortas, that show the natural beauty of our country, Romania.

pajiste branduse
Piatra Craiului
Stana Cacova
_DSF1426- Moldoveanu
Centru Culmea Malita
Stanga Vale a Valsanului
Locul unde am campat 2240m
Cheile Jietului
_DSC5092 - Copy
Pestera sudul Dobrogei
Knautia macedonica
Euphorbia myrsinites
_DSC1299 - Copy
_DSC1135 - Copy
_DSC1088 - Copy
_DSC1086 - Copy
_DSC1054 - Copy
_DSC1083 - Copy
_DSC1042 - Copy
_DSC0989 - Copy
_DSC1032 - Copy
_DSC0963 - Copy
_DSC0880 - Copy
_DSC0892 - Copy
_DSC0731 - Copy
_DSC0668 - Copy
_DSC0711 - Copy
_DSC0665 - Copy
_DSC0594 - Copy
_DSC0360 pag 66
_DSC0537 - Copy
_DSC0341 pag. 15
Elaphe sauromates
Bordei de stana Dobrogea
Peisaj Dobrogea
Pano Culmea Barbatesti
Pano Parang vedere spre sud
DSC_8557 Paeonia peregrina
DSC_6045 - Copy
DSC_6340 - Copy
DSC_6334 - Copy
DSC_6217 - Copy
DSC_5960 - Copy
DSC_6044 - Copy
DSC_5940 - Copy
DSC_5867 - Copy
DSC_5864 - Copy
DSC_5696 - Copy
DSC_5357 - Copy
DSC_5648 - Copy
DSC_3812- pag 34
DSC_2870-de pe Ciucas spre Bucegi
DSC_2902-Ciucas, in plan ultim Costila si Vf. Omul
DSC_0384-padurea Niculitel
Dactylorhiza incarnata
B-Plutasi pe Bistrita
65-in poiana la Fundatura
14 Horn in galeata glaciara Galbena
58-primavara in poiana Fundaturii
16  Pano Negoiu de pe Vf. Laitel
13 Pano circul glaciar si Lacul Galbena
08 Pano spre Negoiu dimineata
07 Pano NORI Cotul Vaii
03 Pano
03 Pano Izvoare  Valsan
03 Pano Leaota spre sud de pe varf
03 Pano Izvoare spre Galeata Moldoveanului
Panou Buila - Vant
Panou Buila dinspre vest
Panou Buila arbore muschi
Panou rau langa Carta BIS
Pano Caldarea Glaciara Guruiasul
Pano Bucegi pe Inserat dinspre Piatra Craiului
Pano Raul Doamnei langa Burnei
Pano fan la uscat Bucovina
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